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Do you know Cooling Tower Fill cleaning method?

Feb. 14, 2020

Everyone knows that the filler is suitable for various kinds of pool sewage treatment, or some manufacturing tools, and the filler is also divided into different types. The cooling tower is used for most of the cooling treatment so that these tools can be used more It will take a long time for the various tools that heat up around us to be better preserved. Today, Cooling Tower PP Fill Manufacturer first take a look at where the cooling tower filler is mainly used!

Do you know Cooling Tower Fill cleaning method?

Cooling Tower Fill

Cooling Tower Fill is also called water-filling filler. It is a filling material installed in a cooling tower to make full contact between water and air. Cooling tower packing is an important part of a cooling tower, and its efficiency depends on the degree of cooling water and air in the filler fully contact. The cooling tower packing of our company has a temperature resistance of -20 ℃ -70 ℃, aging resistance, excellent performance and long service life. Good heat exchange performance and high cooling efficiency. The cooling tower packing is a thin film type, and the protruding fine ripples make the water-air contact surface larger. Cooling tower packing is placed in 2-5, and there is a redistribution process of hot water between the layers.

Cooling tower filler applications: air-conditioning cooling systems, refrigeration series, electric furnaces, injection molding, tanning, power generation, steam turbines, aluminum profile processing, air compressors, industrial water cooling and other fields. Nozzle styles for cooling tower: reflection type, flower blue type, lantern type, rotating type. According to measurements, after the cooling tower is equipped with a water remover, the wind blow loss is reduced from 0.1% without the water remover to 0.05%, but the water remover has no significant effect on the cooling water temperature. When the super near wind speed of the water remover is below 3.0 meters/second, it is generally set to one. When the super near wind speed is greater than 3.5 meters / second.

Cooling tower packing cleaning method :

1. Manually clean up the scale and slag falling out of the cooling tower;

2. Rinse the packing repeatedly with a high-pressure water gun to remove the sludge and scale under washing;

3. After dissolving the TNB safe and efficient descaling agent with hot water at about 50 ° C, repeatedly flush the filler with a flushing pump until the scale is washed away (if the filler has a long life, causing aging and collapse, it is recommended to replace the filler), and add sterilization Algae, completely kill biological algae and bacteria;

4. After confirming that all parts of the system are cleaned, drain the sewage;

5. Rinse the packing and the inside and outside of the tower with water;

6. Restore all parts of the system.

7. After all recovery, please ask the management personnel of Party A for acceptance;

8. Evacuate Party B's items and clean the site;

Cooling tower packing cleaning method:

1. Temporarily build a large pool with a plastic cloth;

2. Add cleaning agent to clear water;

3. Remove the packing from the cooling tower and soak it in the medicine pool;

4. Rinse the soaked packing with clean water and put it back into the cooling tower;

5. Put the cloth with the medicine on the cooling tower water replenisher, soak the water replenisher mouth to clear it;

6. Use the same method to remove the scale from the cooling tower chassis;

7. Rinse the packing and the inside and outside of the tower with water;

8. Restore all parts of the system and replenish the water;

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