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Do you know Cooling Tower Fill classification?

Jan. 22, 2020

As a Cooling Tower filler Factory, share the information about cooling tower fill. Cooling tower fill can be divided into S-wave filler, diagonal staggered filler, step trapezoidal inclined wave filler, differential sine wave filler, point wave filler, hexagonal honeycomb filler, two-way wave filler, and oblique wave filler.

Cross Flow Cooling Tower Filler

Cross Flow Cooling Tower Filler

Let me share with you Cross Flow Cooling Tower Filler

Performance and use:

The packing has a novel structure design, large hydrophilic area and good cooling effect. It is mainly used in industrial countercurrent cooling towers and power plant hyperbolic cement cooling towers.

Adaptation temperature: 65 ℃ ~ -35 ℃

Good flame retardancy, oxygen index ≥30

Trapezoidal cooling tower packing

Performance characteristics:

Step trapezoidal oblique wave packing is designed by the Institute of Cooling Water of Institute of Water Resources and Electric Power Research. Exchange time improves heat dissipation performance. Has better overall performance. The passage area is large, the bonding is firm, and the overall assembly steel is good, which can be widely used in industrial cooling towers.

Adaptation temperature: 65 ℃ ~ -35 ℃.

Good flame retardancy, oxygen index ≥30.

PVC honeycomb cooling tower packing

The hexagonal honeycomb packing is produced in two forms: inclined pipe and straight pipe. There are two kinds of materials: polypropylene and glass steel.

The inclined pipe is mainly used for various sedimentation and sand removal functions. It is the most widely used water supply and drainage project in the past ten years and has become a water treatment device. It has the advantages of wide application range, high processing effect and small footprint. It is suitable for sand removal at the water inlet, general industrial and domestic water supply sedimentation, sewage sedimentation, oil separation, and tail tension concentration. It can be used for new projects and for the reconstruction of existing old ponds, and can achieve good economic benefits.

Main feature:

1. Large wet perimeter and small hydraulic radius.

2. The laminar flow is good, and the particle sedimentation is not disturbed by turbulence.

3. When the length of the inclined pipe is 1 meter, the effective load is designed according to 3-5 tons / meter2 · hour. VO is controlled in the range of 2.5-3.0 mm / s, and the effluent quality is the best.

4. The slant tube sedimentation tank adopts 3-5 times the capacity of the advection sedimentation tank and accelerates the clarification tank and pulse clarification tank by 2 times.

Oblique wave cooling tower packing

Performance characteristics:

Advanced design, with small ventilation resistance, strong hydrophilicity, large corner area, etc.

Adaptation temperature: 65 ℃ ~ -35 ℃

Good flame retardancy, oxygen index ≥30

Cooling towers are the main core of circulating water heat dissipation in industrial production, which affects the cost and efficiency of our industrial production in our industrial production. Improper use of cooling towers in industrial production will cause equipment to dissipate heat in a timely manner, production stagnation, and high water temperature risks. Cooling tower packing is the main factor to promote the hydrothermal cycle, so it is necessary to choose high-quality cooling tower packing. Our company also has Cooling Tower Infill on sale, welcome to consult.