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Where is Cooling Tower Filler mainly used?

Feb. 14, 2020

Everyone knows that the filler is suitable for various kinds of pool sewage treatment, or some manufacturing tools, and the filler is also divided into different types. The cooling tower is used for most of the cooling treatment so that these tools can be used more. It will take a long time for the various tools that heat up around us to be better preserved. Today we will first take a look at where the cooling tower packing is mainly used!

Where is Cooling Tower Filler mainly used?

Cooling Tower Filler

Cooling Tower Filler is a filling material installed in a cooling tower to make full contact between water and air. Cooling tower packing is an important part of a cooling tower, and its efficiency depends on the degree of cooling water and air in the filler fully contact. The cooling tower packing of our company has a temperature resistance of -20 ℃ -70 ℃, aging resistance, excellent performance and long service life. Good heat exchange performance and high cooling efficiency. The cooling tower packing is a thin film type, and the protruding fine ripples make the water-air contact surface larger. Cooling tower packing is placed in 2-5, and there is a redistribution process of hot water between the layers.

Cooling tower filler applications: air-conditioning cooling systems, refrigeration series, electric furnaces, injection molding, tanning, power generation, steam turbines, aluminum profile processing, air compressors, industrial water cooling and other fields. Nozzle styles for cooling tower: reflection type, flower blue type, lantern type, rotating type. According to measurements, after the dewatering is installed in the cooling tower, the water mist escape rate (that is, wind loss) is reduced from 0.1% (accounting for circulating water) when the dewatering is not installed, but the dehydrator has no effect on the cooling water temperature. Significant impact. When the super near wind speed of the water remover is below 3.0 meters/second, it is generally set to one. When the super near wind speed is greater than 3.5 meters / second.

As a Cooling Tower Filler Manufacturer, share with you the development trend of cooling tower filler

1. High efficiency and energy saving

Throughout the evolution of the filler, it is not difficult to see that the filler is developing in the direction of comprehensive optimization with good heat dissipation performance, uniform wind and water conduction, and high water retention and anti-coagulation properties, and it is continuously moving towards high efficiency and energy saving.

2.Film filler instead of drip filler

Compared with drip packing, film packing has a large specific surface area, a high bulk coefficient, and a low price. It reduces the gas-water ratio, pump head and tower height, and has obvious energy saving and consumption reduction effects. It is a trend to replace tall drip packing. But it cannot be ignored that the film filler also has its own shortcomings: it is easy to block, and the cooling performance is reduced due to the uneven water distribution mode, which is much more sensitive than the drip filler. This is because the drip filler has the advantage of multiple air distribution.

3.Construction standards

Cooling towers are the main core of circulating water heat dissipation in industrial production, which affects the cost and efficiency of our industrial production in our industrial production. Improper use of cooling towers in industrial production will cause equipment to dissipate heat in a timely manner, production stagnation, and high water temperature risks. Cooling tower packing is the main factor to promote the hydrothermal cycle, so it is necessary to choose high-quality cooling tower packing.

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