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How to increase the efficiency for cooling tower?

Sep. 21, 2018

How to increase the efficiency for cooling tower?

1. Ensure fill is clean and free of debris.
2. Measure airflow and adjust fan pitch if needed to reach design conditions (monitor motor A).
3. Ensure water distribution is even across the fill (clean nozzl
es, balance flow if multiple hot water tanks, other).
4. Ensure no air is by-passing fill.  This can occur if fill is not adequately installed, or if fill has been displaced, or structure is not tight around fill.
5. Check with OEM that fill and drift eliminators are latest technology.  Old fill (film fill in particular) and drift eliminators can be less efficient and have higher pressure drop than modern designs.
6. Under very unique circumstances, you might be able to replace open type fill (wood, plastic, etc.) with film fill (PVC).  Note: this requires careful assessment for air/water quality, operating temperature, etc.).
7. Check with OEM more efficient fan designs (if axial).
8. Eliminate any potential obstructions in the suction and/or discharge of the cooling tower.
9. Ensure there is no re-circulation effect present.
10. For larger cooling towers, evaluate design of fan cylinder/stack.  


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