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What should I do if there is a Blockage After the Cooling Tower Filler is Replaced?

Feb. 22, 2020

It is understood that blockage problems often occur during the use of the Cooling Tower Filler after replacement. So how to solve this situation? Cooling Tower Fill Manufacturer will tell you.Technical personnel in the industry also gave corresponding suggestions. What to do if there is a blockage after the cooling tower packing is replaced? 

First, the quality of the incoming water should meet the standards for circulating cooling water, and should not cause blockage of fillers and nozzles.

Cooling Tower Fill

Cooling Tower Fill

Second, improve the cooling tower packing structure. For example, the outside of the cooling tower packing structure is the atmosphere side, and the wall surface is covered with fiber bundle structures. This structure increases the turbulence on the atmosphere side of the packing and improves the heat transfer efficiency of the cooling tower packing. And the fiber bundle-like structure also has the function of filtering impurities in the air, which can effectively isolate most of the dust and impurities in the external environment.

In addition, the technicians reminded that, in addition to the correct filling of cooling towers, for cooling towers with a long service life, the fouling on the packings often affects heat dissipation, resulting in cooling towers that are not refrigerated and normal production. In order to reduce losses, users should regularly clean the cooling tower.

When the deposits cover the cooling tower packing surface, the heat exchange efficiency of the cooling tower will be greatly reduced, the heat dissipation area will be reduced, and the energy consumption will be increased.

At the same time, these deposits cover the heat exchange surface, preventing effective heat exchange of the equipment, and the filler is in a high temperature heat load state for a long time, which causes fatigue and reduces the service life of the equipment. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance of the cooling tower is essential.

The cooling tower filler is a large breeding ground for creatures. It breeds quickly, and then sterilizes and algae. The microscopic corpse has a large accumulation disk in the system, and PVC is a degradable plastic. Combined, silt that easily settles and has powder on the surface of the heat exchanger is generated. Its heat resistance is higher than hard scale, and the thermal efficiency of the system is very low. After running for a certain period of time, common plastic fillers in cooling towers will age and break the fillers, reduce the uniformity of scattered water, and easily cause ditch flow. The cooling effect is reduced. In addition, especially during the circulation of cooling water, debris such as ash, rust slag, and microorganisms will inevitably be generated, and the packing will be blocked and intermittent. The cooling effect of the cooling tower will be significantly reduced. the process of.

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