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What is the Purpose of Fill in a Cooling Tower?

Apr. 09, 2020

What is the Purpose of Fill in a Cooling Tower?

Cooling Tower Fill

The purpose of fill in a cooling tower is to cool water to make full use of water resources, reduce the load of urban tap water supply network, and reduce the operating cost, cooling water is treated by cooling tower and recycled.

Matters needing attention when replacing the Cooling Tower Fill.

♦ The waveforms between the monolithic and the monolithic must be diagonally staggered so that they have good thermal resistance.

♦ The cuboidal packing assembly unit is most suitable for matching with the square tower and with the circumference of the circular cooling tower. A gap will be formed, and it needs to be filled with a different number of single sheets according to the size of the gap.

♦ Once the plug is blocked, it is not easy to clean. When the jam is serious, it needs to be replaced as a whole and it will increase the cost.