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EPDM Fine Tube Bubble Diffuser

Apr. 01, 2020

EPDM Fine Tube Bubble Diffuser

Fine bubble tube diffuser ensuring a maximum amount of process flexibility – with maximum oxygen yield values. The special arrangement of the air outlet openings ensures fine-bubble aeration with extremely low-pressure loss and therefore a highly effective usage of oxygen across the entire aeration area. The elasticity of the membrane ensures blockage-free operation, even after the plant is switched off. The diffusers are designed for trouble-free and energy saving intermittent as well as for continuous operation.

EPDM Fine Tube Bubble Diffuser

EPDM Fine Tube Bubble Diffuser

Fine Tube Bubble Diffuser Features:

  •  A unique attachment system significantly reduces installation time.

  • Any diffuser length is available to suit the needs of each application.

  • Highest quality EPDM rubber.

  • Attachment system eliminates structural concerns of many other tube diffuser designs.

  • Suitable for off/on applications.

  • Diffusers are factory assembled for easy installation.

Fine Tube Bubble Diffuser Applications:

1. Municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants

2. Industrial wastewater treatment plants with special membrane material requirements.

3. Rivers and lakes aeration

4. Fish farming

5. Industrial production

6. Rubbish dump leakage water