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What is the standard size of Cross Flow Cooling Tower Fill?

Jan. 16, 2020

The distance between the top of the Cross Flow Cooling Tower Fill and the bottom of the fan should be 1.2 times the diameter of the fan.

Cross Flow Cooling Tower Fill

Cross Flow Cooling Tower Fill

The standard angle of counterflow cooling tower packing
1. When constructing a counter-flow cooling tower, the angle between the top of the packing and the airflow section should be controlled within 90 degrees. A flat roof is used with a deflector. Degrees between.
2. Retractable tower top, the top angle of the cover of the shrinkage section should be controlled between 90-110 degrees.
3. The inclination of water filler is controlled between 5-8 degrees.
4. In the process of use, in order to prevent the short circuit between the air and the bottom of the filler to the water surface, backup circulation measures should be set up.
The choice of outdoor switching temperature point of cooling tower cooling mode is directly related to the system cooling hours. Assume that the required water supply and humidity at the end of the air conditioner is 12.7 ° C. Considering the cooling width of the cooling tower, heat loss of pipes and heat exchangers, etc., to increase the water temperature by 4.5 ° C, you can switch to the cooling mode of the cooling tower when the outdoor wet bulb temperature is equal to or lower than 8.2 ° C. After the cooling tower in the system is selected according to the summer cold load and the outdoor calculated wet bulb temperature, it should also check its cooling capacity in the cooling tower cooling mode. The plate heat exchanger should be selected as the heat exchanger in the indirect cooling system. Compared with the traditional shell and tube heat exchanger, the plate heat exchanger has a high heat exchange capacity.
As a Cooling Tower Packing Manufacturer, share with you. As far as the management of circulating water equipment is concerned, no matter in terms of the number of equipment, maintenance workload, power consumption, etc., cooling tower fans occupy a large proportion. From the top to the bottom, the dripping filler of the cross-flow cooling tower should have a contraction inclination towards the vertical central axis of the tower. The drip inclination of the drip sprinkler filler should be 9 ° ~ 11 °; the shrinkage inclination of the film sprinkler filler should be 5 ° ~ 6 °. Cross-flow cooling towers should be equipped with measures to prevent short-circuit flow from the bottom of the filler to the water surface. After the cooling tower filler in the system is selected according to the summer cooling load and the calculated outdoor wet-bulb temperature in the summer, the cooling capacity of the cooling tower cooling mode should also be checked. The chilled water pump in the cooling water loop should be bypassed. In the cooling tower cooling mode, the chilled water pump is turned off, and the chilled water pump passes by the cooling water. At this time, the circulating water power is provided by the chilled water pump. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the special pump for cooling in the system design.
Finally, let's talk about the matters needing attention when replacing the cooling tower packing. (1) The waveform between the single piece and the single piece must be obliquely staggered so as to have good thermal resistance; (2) The rectangular parallelepiped packing assembly unit is best suited to match the square tower and the circumference of the circular cooling tower A gap will be formed, which needs to be filled with a different amount of single-piece filler according to the size of the gap; (3) Once the filler is blocked, it is not easy to clean. When the blockage is serious, it needs to be replaced as a whole, which will increase the cost.
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