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How to reduce the noise of the Cooling Tower?

Jan. 16, 2020

As a Cooling Tower Fill Exporter, share with you.

1. Adding a layer of muffler cotton to the existing cooling tower will not generate noise and can also play a filtering role.

2. Replace the driving wheel of the cooling tower motor to reduce its speed, but increase the fan angle. (Reduce the speed but keep the air volume unchanged to achieve the original cooling effect).

3. Replace the bearing of the reduction gearbox, so that the reducer will run more smoothly during operation, and at the same time, no frictional sound of the bearing will be produced.

4. Install a muffler screen on the top of the cooling tower air outlet so that the noise is not transmitted to the outside. The noise of the cooling tower belongs to the medium and high-frequency steady-state noise. The "nominal sound level" of the sound source is about 80 DB (a). The goal of governance should, in principle, be to control the noise level of the affected points affected by noise within the national noise standard corresponding to the local environment.

5. Control methods According to the noise generation mechanism and transmission mode, the control of cooling tower noise can be attributed to two basic ways: inside the tower and outside the tower. The inside of the tower is mainly based on noise reduction of the sound source. There are three ways of sound wave blocking (sound insulation), sound wave absorption (absorption and attenuation along the combined path) and distance attenuation (sound energy diffusion) in the acoustic path.

What are the cooling tower operation modes in winter?

The operation mode of the cooling tower in winter should ensure that the temperature of the pool water is within 1°C, and the cooling tower packing and herringbone beams do not freeze. Determine how the cooling tower operates based on ambient humidity and heat load.

The cooling tower operates in a normal manner, the hot water is evenly distributed on all the fillers, and all antifreeze pipe water supply gates are closed. The hot water bypass system in the pool can be put into operation when needed to maintain the optimal pool water temperature.

The antifreeze tube is fully activated to prevent the surrounding packing from freezing. The hot water bypass system can be operated within the specified range to regulate the pool water temperature. Install the windshield and fully activate the antifreeze tube, and the hot water bypass system can operate within the specified range.

Install wind deflectors, stop supplying hot water to the cooling tower filler, and direct all hot water to the bypass system and antifreeze pipes.

The main material of Cooling Tower PVC Filler is PVC, which is a kind of plastic. Good quality cooling tower packing can be used directly after cleaning. If the quality of the packing itself is not good, or it is relatively thin or even breaks down at some touch, it is recommended to replace it with new packing. The new filler is not expensive and saves a lot of trouble. Therefore, in the daily purchase of cooling tower packing, we recommend using high-quality packing as much as possible.

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