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What is the Removal and Cleaning of the Point Wave Packing of the Cooling Tower?

Nov. 13, 2020

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The packing in the cooling tower needs to be cleaned regularly, because the dirt on it will affect the cooling efficiency of the cooling tower. Different types of cooling towers have different ways of installing packing, such as suspended and tiled. So how to clean and install the spot wave packing? Let's look at the details of the removal, cleaning and installation of the spot wave packing in the cooling tower.

Cooling Tower Fill

Cooling Tower Fill

Point wave packing is generally used in cross-flow cooling towers. The packing of cross-flow towers is easier to disassemble, but it is not easy to disassemble like Marley cooling tower packing (suspended). Remove the filler and soak it in the descaling solution for about 2 minutes, and then rinse with water. It should be noted that most potions contain hydrochloric acid, and a self-made glass steel sink is generally used as a soaking tank.

For cross-flow towers with suspended packing, the packing of counter-flow cooling towers are not easy to disassemble. Generally, the valve of the inlet and return water should be closed first, and the return water inlet should be closed if possible. Then put the chemical water in the cooling tower water tray. The concentration of the chemical water should be controlled well to avoid corrosion of pipe fittings and structural parts. Put a small water pump in the water storage tray and pump the chemical water to the upper part of the cooling tower to spray and clean the packing. It takes a whole day to circulate for cleaning.

In the installation process of the packing, it is necessary to clean up the packing layer and the layer in time so that the packing does not leave scattered debris. After the packing is installed, when it is necessary to work on the packing, the eliminator packing must be covered with wooden boards, and it is strictly forbidden to step on it directly. When installing, send a special person to check the quality and make a record of construction acceptance to ensure the quality of the installation.

Packing plays an important role in cooling towers. Regular cleaning and replacement are essential tasks. The details of the removal, cleaning and installation of the cooling tower point wave packing are introduced. Friends who don't understand can consult us at any time.

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