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How do Users Calculate the Amount of Cooling Tower Filler?

Nov. 21, 2020

As a Cooling Tower Fill Manufacturer, share with you.

How do many users calculate the amount of filler used in cooling towers? In the selection of cooling tower packing, in addition to the requirement that the specific surface area and porosity of the packing be large, the packing has moderate performance, and sufficient mechanical strength. It also requires the weight per unit volume of the packing to be light, low cost, good chemical stability and Has corrosion resistance. This article will tell you about it.

Cooling Tower Filler

Cooling Tower Filler

In terms of materials, the cooling tower filler is generally made of PVC (hard polyethylene resin), as well as polypropylene and glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP glass fiber reinforced polyester resin). These two types are not commonly used and the cost is high. The difference is nothing more than the difference in thickness, hardness, and processing technology! For the advantages and disadvantages, the products made by the mature technology manufacturers must have advantages. A good technology can increase the contact area of the circulating water and increase the retention time of the circulating water. You must know that the filler is the main part of the cooling tower! PVC material is light, has good vacuum molding properties, and is easy to install. This material is basically used!

In fact, the calculation method of cooling tower filling is simple, you need to know the volume of your cooling tower. The next step is to understand whether your cooling tower packing is of regular shape or irregular shape. Of course, a good way is to ask the manufacturer to measure and calculate for you. But time is limited, so the calculation method is faster by yourself. Secondly, you must first figure out your minor and impurities, as well as the content and the amount of solution. Then calculate the number of plates in practice after imitating the process of PROII, and then select the packing and plate tower according to your material properties, and then use hydraulic software to calculate the diameter of the cooling tower, which needs to include hydraulic calculation methods and The rest of the requirements, so that the calculation method of the cooling tower filling can be obtained.

In addition, it is necessary to confirm whether it is a round tower or a square tower. The round tower mainly depends on the number of cubic meters. The square tower depends on whether the packing is suspended or pasted, and then specific calculations. If it is a round tower, each cube of the circle is about 30-36kg. When you buy it from the manufacturer, you can tell him how much weight it needs. Square tower packing is calculated according to how much a piece is.

The problem of calculating the amount of Cooling Tower Filler is first introduced here. If you have any questions about the calculation of the filler, or friends who don’t know how much filler you need to use, you can contact us. We are the manufacturer and manufacturer of replacement cooling tower filler.