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Cooling tower spray nozzle

Aug. 02, 2017

What is cooling tower spray nozzle?

Cooling tower spray nozzles are installed in pairs—each supply pipe serving multiple pairs of nozzles. Multiple nozzle pairs per supply pipe mean larger pipe spacing and, therefore, lower installed cost than most other systems. The adaptor allows nozzle spacing on 3’-0” centers.

The nozzle outlet is always the lowest elevation in the distribution system. This arrangement is self draining when the supply water is shut off. There are no special valves to open or close.

The cooling tower spray nozzle assembly is attached to the header/lateral using a unique design EPDM grommet that is inserted into the pipe—the entire assembly is attached with stainless steel strapping.

Features of cooling tower spray nozzle:

  • Maximum operating temperature from 120°C to 300°C

  • Provides homogeneous fluid mix without the use of air agitation precluding oxidative decomposition of air agitation of the solutions

  • Improves circulation of the turbulent flow and optimizes mixture of the solutions

  • Assures uniform mixture of solutions and improve product quality

  • Constructed of carbon fiber-glass-reinforced polypropylene or stainless steel

Application of cooling tower spray nozzle:

Cooling tower spray system.

cooling tower spray nozzles