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What is bio filter media?

Jul. 31, 2017

Bio filter media is a new biological suspension carrier which modified polymetric material with the promoted addition of bio-enzyme,adaptable for all kinds of microoganism to grow and reproduction rapidly to dissolve organics in the water. It process excellences of large specific surface, being easy to multiply biofilm,unease to fall off,high denitrification, good hydrophile,high biological activity and so on.It widely used in the MBBR sewage treatment biofilter, aquaculture farms, Koi Filter Media, etc.

With advanced biochemical ball is non-toxic PP plastic processing by artificial into nets pore structure of biological filtration ball, a variety of specifications, it has 32 MM in diameter for biochemical ball, for 42 MM biochemical ball, for 48 MM biochemical ball, all is no cotton, and for 26 MM, for 36 MM, for 46 MM, for 56 MM, 76 MM biochemical balls are there were biochemical cotton.

Bio Filter Media

Bio Filter Media

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