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Why tube settlers can be assembled into a 60°block?

Jul. 26, 2017

Tube settlers are mainly used for sedimentation and sand removal, which is adopted widely in water supply engineering and drainage engineering. Straight-type tube is mainly used as micro-organism carrier for biological filter, high-load biological filter, tower-type biological filter, flooded type biological filter (also called contact oxidation pool) and biological disc-spinning, which can purify industrial organic waste water and urban sewage by bio-chemical treatment.

tube settler

Many customers often ask why tube settlers can be assembled into a 60°block?

tube settler

Please see the above picture, each sheet of tube settler is cut into a 60°angle, so after assembling, they can be formed into a 60°block. Please see the following picture:

Features of this design? Let's check out:

tube settler

1. Help to form good laminar flow conditioins so that particles sedimentation is out of the interference of turbulent flow.

2. Increase the seperation of particles from water, obviously shrink sedimentation time.

By the way, tube settlers’ material are pvc or pp. UV-resistant material can be provided for tropical contries sepcial request.