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Cooling Tower Fill by Long Zhuo

Jul. 24, 2017

If you need cooling tower fill, please provide us with the make and model of your cooling tower(your cooling tower drawings) and let one of our product application experts fit your cooling tower with the right materials(PP or PVC) and sizing.

cooling tower fill

Optimize your cooling process of your towers by increasing the surface area between the water flows and the air by using Cooling Tower Fill. It is possible that your fill may need to be replaced due to getting brittle, clogged, or losing its film surface during upgrades where the current fill may no longer be the right type. Long Zhuo Cooling Tower Products offers a wide variety of fills including Drift eliminators,Counter (or) Cross Flow Fill, Fill Packs with integral Louvers, Fill Packs for a wetted surface only.

If you need,contact me freely: Email:mon@longzhuochn.com