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How much do you know about cooling towers?

Jun. 28, 2017

We are cooling tower fill manufacturer in China, here I mainly share some things about cooling towers.


 Every cooling tower is designed with a distinct purpose. Manufacturers have not created any "one size fits all" design type of cooling tower for industries. You can avail them in numerous patterns. 



 Cooling towers reject heat from water-cooled systems to the atmosphere. Hot water from the system enters the cooling tower and is distributed over the fill (heat transfer surface). Air is induced or forced through the fill, causing a small portion of the water to evaporate. This evaporation removes heat from the remaining water, which is collected in the cold water basin and returned to the system to absorb more heat. Each cooling tower line, although operating under the same basic principle of operation, is arranged a little differently.

There are two main configurations of factory assembled cooling towers: cross flow and counter flow. In cross flow cooling towers, the water flows vertically down the fill as air flows horizontally across. In counter flow cooling towers, the water flows vertically down the fill as air flows vertically up.                                                                                 

COOLING TYPE:                                                                                                      


1 Cross flow cooling towers

In cross flow design, the water flows vertically via the fill and the air flows horizontally across the falling water flow. Due to this, air doesn't need to pass through the distribution system, allowing the use of gravity flow hot water distribution basins that are mounted over the top of the unit above the fill.

2 Counter flow cooling towers

Counter flow towers are intended by engineers to let the air flows vertically upward. Due to this vertical airflow, it is impossible to use the open, gravity-flow basins in such designs.


 3 Induced draft

These towers are equipped with fans that are usually mounted over the top of the unit and pull air via the fill media. These towers use more compact ground area as compared to forced draft design. These towers are ideal for large cell sizes and fan sizes.

4 Forced draft

In forced draft cooling towers, air is pushed by blowers at the air inlet face base. These forced type cooling towers can be square or rectangular type only.