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Haning cooling tower fills VS. Block fills

May. 22, 2017

Cooling Tower FillCooling Tower Fill

While cooling towers has played important role in industrial and agriclutural water treatment. No matter how good the preventive maintenance and water treatment program, one common issue all installations eventually face is cooling tower fill replacement. In order to bring the tower back to its original capacity, owners should replace their cooling tower fill after 10-14years of use.

What fill should they use? Which is better-for the cooling tower and for your wallet?

According to the water flow of cooling tower, Long Zhuo replacement fills can be divided into two categories: crossflow cooling tower fill and counter flow cooling tower fill. While on the basis of installation ways, we can also called hanging fills and block fills.

Hanging fills we can produce:

CF-1220mm fills, CF-1330mm fills

Application: crossfow cooling tower.

Block fills we can produce:

VF-1200mm fills, VF-1900mm fills

Application: counterflow cooling tower.