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We export PP Tube Settler to South America

Apr. 15, 2017

PP tube settler    PP tube settler

Recently, we transported PP tube settler to South America.

We hold them in a 40 feet of container and exported lamella plate to South America.

The characteristics of lamella plate are as followings:

1. Significantly reduce the spacing between the inclined plate, thereby greatly improving the utilization of precipitation space.

2. Because of the small Reynolds number, it can effectively suppress the hydraulic pulsation, thus greatly reducing the negative influence of the disturbance of the flow detail on the alum sedimentation.

3. Uniform water distribution, short-circuit does not occur;

4. Slope plate fill mud area and sludge area is equal to the area of mud is the ordinary multi-inclined pipe, a substantial increase in the sediment sludge load.

If you need PP tube setter, welcome to contact us via sales@coolingtowerinfill.com.