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Lamella Inclined Plate

Feb. 28, 2019

Lamella  inclined plate Overview

Our inclined plate packs are designed for installation on support beams in rectangular concrete basins. After the inlet flow enters the basin it is directed to inlet ports on the side of each inclined plate. Outlet launders at the top of the plate packs collect the clarified water as solids settle out on the plates and then the basin floor.

The inclined plates are installed in stainless steel tanks with either a hopper or a sludge thickening bottom. Flocculation tanks and mixers are also available.



Filtration Pretreatment

Backwash Water Treatment

Primary and Secondary SettlingTertiary Treatment


Metal Hydroxide Wastewater

Industrial Process Water

Pressure / Vacuum Filtrate Clarification

Specific Minerals Applications


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