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FRP Tank Introduction

Feb. 20, 2019

FRP Tank Introduction

1.Raw material: carbon steel

2.Panel size: 1.22*1.22m,1*1m, 1*0.5m, 0.5*0.5m

3.Process technique: ramming craft

4.Connection way: bolted

5.Panel thickness(according to height):2-6mm,it based on the different height of water tank

6.Foundation: Concrete foundation and U-steel bottom base

7.Wide application: as the storage equipment for drinking water, reclaimed water and fire water,water tank has widely used in mining, residential buildings, hotels, office buildings, schools, restaurants and other public facilities.

8.Water tank's thermal insulation: all kinds of water tank can were the thermal insulation coat to deal with temperatu-re  extremes.

9.Tank of different height use different bottom ,side and top panel strictly according to the assemble principle.

10.The assemble principle guarantee safety confficient by reasonable saving of materials.It can serve more than 50 years.

There are kinds of materials, such as Stainless steel, Hot-dipped galvanized steel, etc.

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