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What Factors will Cause Accelerated Aging of Cooling Tower S Wave Packing?

Oct. 22, 2020

We all know that cooling tower packing needs to be replaced regularly. The reason is that the filler will age, which will affect the efficiency of the cooling tower. The service life of general packing is 2-3 years, and some are used for 4-5 years. This is determined by the age of the filler. So what factors will cause the accelerated aging of cooling tower S wave packing? As a Cooling Tower Fill Manufacturer, share with you.

Cooling Tower Filler

Cooling Tower Filler

There are four reasons for accelerating the aging of cooling tower S wave packing:

The first point is that the water quality in the cooling tower is not clear, and it is easy to produce scale. These scales will condense into hard calcium carbide lumps on the cooling tower packing, which will seriously affect the working efficiency of S wave packing and it is not easy to remove.

The second point is that since cooling towers are generally built outdoors, the marl in the air will enter the cooling tower and adhere to the S-wave filler, and it will also multiply a large number of algae organisms. Long-term accumulation will cause the filler to sink. use.

The third point is natural aging. After long-term use, due to the erosion of water and air, the filler will gradually age, fragile and easily damaged.

The fourth point is improper operation and use. Each type of cooling packed tower has a design work index value. If the type is incorrectly selected, it will directly cause serious damage and scrapping of the cooling tower. However, in important work indicators such as water inlet temperature and configuration tonnage, if the work indicators are greater than the design indicator value due to improper operation, it will also cause serious damage to the filler.

In order to prolong the service life of the S wave packing of the cooling tower, the packing needs to be cleaned regularly. Washing the cooling tower packing is very important for our use, and we all should check carefully during the cleaning process to see if it is cleaned up. After each cleaning, we can do some subsequent use work. , If we do not clean enough, it will also affect the service life of the filler.

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