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What is a Drift Eliminator?

Sep. 25, 2020

To put it simply, a Drift Eliminator is designed to capture large water droplets caught in the air stream, and prevent the droplets and mist from escaping the cooling tower. Another example of drift eliminators, they are baffles in a cooling tower through which air passes before exiting the tower, the purpose of which is to remove entrained water droplets from the exhaust air.

Drift eliminators cause the droplets and air to change direction suddenly. This process causes the water to become separated from the air and put back into the cooling tower. Drift eliminators limit the amount of circulating water emitting from the tower’s exhaust.

Drift Eliminator

Benefits of Drift Eliminators

1 Durability Without Corrosion or the High Price

2 Can be Pressure Cleaned and Returned to Service

3 More Durable to Handle Snow Loading

4 Better Hail Resistance

5 Priced to Directly Compete Against:

6 Lighter Thermo Formed Drift Eliminators