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The applications of plastic pall rings

Oct. 17, 2017

Plastic Pall rings are widely used in Absorption, scrubbing, and stripping services, Versatile alternative to metal Pall rings, all kind of separation, constant decompress tower plants, compounding ammonia plant, decarbonization plant, separation of ethylbenzene, seperation of isooctane/ methylbenzene.

Plastic Pall rings

Pall ring attempts to increase the useful aspects of packing, by giving an increased number of edges to disrupt flow, whilst also reducing the volume taken up by the pall ring packing medium itself. Rather than using a solid-walled tube, the Pall ring resembles an open basket structure of thin bars. These form both a tube and also a radial structure of cross bars. Pall rings may be injection moulded of plastics, moulded of ceramics or press-formed from metal sheet.