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What is tube settler/lamella tube settler plate

Apr. 28, 2018

What is tube settler/lamella tube settler plate?

Lamella tube settler produced by our company uses PP, PVC or FRP as its raw material. It was hot-drawn into a hexagonal tube shape by infared thermal machine and then welded into the using shape with patented technology and high frequency. This kind of tube settler can be applied into many kinds of water and waste water treatment pond like precipitation pond, sedimentation tank and sand removing pond...etc. In recent years it has developed into the most mature water treatment device that widely applied in various kinds of projects.


Features of our lamella tube settler:


1. Large wetted perimeter, hydraulic radius is small.
2. The laminar good condition, particles falling from flocculent flow interference.
3. When the tube for 1m long, effective load by 3-5tons/square meter design. And control in 2.5-3.0mm/SEC effluent water, within the scope of the best.
4. In the water inlet place inclined pipe length, the honeycomb 2.0-3.0meters, may in the 50-100kg/m3 clay sand content of high turbidity safe operation of processing.
5. The plastic inclined packing, which the processing ability is to destabilize the flat streaming traps 3-5 times, accelerate the clear pool and pulse clarify 2-3 times.
6. The material is with UV radiation protection.

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