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The basic theory of operation about inclined plate clarifier

Sep. 20, 2017

The inclined plate clarifier, or lamella plate, was first described and quantified by Hazen in 1904. The Lamella consists of a series of closely spaced flat plates inclined at an angle of from 45 to 60 degrees from horizontal. Preconditioned water with entrained solids enters the plate pack and flows between the plates. The path length, plate spacing, and angle of the plate are the usual engineering variables. As the water flows between pairs of plates, the heavy solids with a specific gravity higher than the surrounding water will settle onto the top surface of the lower plate, and slide down the inclined surface to be collected in the sludge hopper. Clear, near solids-free water then exits the top of the plate area and flows over an adjustable weir.

inclined plate clarifier

The settling pattern of a discrete particle in a rectangular basin is that, as the particle settles, it is carried forward by the velocity of the liquid flow through the basin.

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