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How Important is the Quality of Cooling Tower Fill?

Mar. 13, 2020

How important is the quality of the Cooling Tower Fill? As a Cooling Tower Fill Replacement Supplier, share with you. Cooling tower packing is to allow the hot fluid to cool to a reasonable temperature. Naturally, poor quality packing cannot reach this demand, so the cooling tower cannot fully play its role. Then it is a loss to the user, and it is a major factor affecting the working efficiency of the cooling tower.

Cooling Tower Fill

Cooling Tower Fill

Let's take a look at the application areas of cooling towers: air conditioning cooling systems, refrigeration series, electric furnaces, injection molding, tanning, power generation, steam turbines, aluminum profile processing, air compressors, industrial water cooling, what will happen if these areas are not cooled properly s consequence? I believe everyone knows. Therefore, we must look for professional and regular manufacturers when purchasing products.

Cooling tower is a kind of equipment for cooling hot fluid to a reasonable temperature. How important is the cooling tower packing? What kind of position does it occupy in the cooling tower? For cooling towers, it is an important part to maintain the normal operation of the cooling tower, and it plays an important role in increasing heat dissipation, extending cooling water residence time, increasing heat exchange area, increasing heat exchange capacity, and evenly distributing water. Note that this does not mean filling the tower with things that need to be cooled. The quality of the packing directly determines the working efficiency of the cooling tower. Zh

The most commonly used cooling tower packing cleaning is dismantling and circulating washing in the tower. The cross-flow tower packing is relatively easy to remove, but Marley and imitation Marley are not easy to remove (hanging type). Remove the filler and soak in the descaling solution for about 2 minutes, then rinse with water. Note that most of the potions contain hydrochloric acid. Generally, homemade glass fiber reinforced plastic tanks are used as immersion tanks.

The cross-flow tower with suspended packing and the packing of the counter-flow cooling tower are not easy to disassemble. Generally, the inlet and return water valves are closed first, and the return water inlet is closed if possible. Then put the medicinal solution in the cooling tower water tray. The concentration of the medicinal solution must be controlled to avoid corrosion of the pipe and structural parts. Put a small water pump in the water tray and pump the medicinal solution to the upper part of the cooling tower to spray and clean the filler. It takes a full day to clean it.

The importance of the quality of the cooling tower packing has been explained to everyone, reminding everyone to pay extra attention to the quality when choosing cooling tower packing in the future.

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