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High Aeration Effectiveness

Jun. 18, 2020

High Aeration Effectiveness

The aeration process involves bringing together water and oxygen for oxidation and dissolutions of metals and dissolution of gases. With our fine bubble disc diffuser and fine bubble tube diffuser, it makes the process more effective.

High Aeration Effectiveness

High oxygen transfer efficiency (OTE)

Fine bubble diffusers generally work to treat water waste through OTE. However, with our products, it helps for a more enhanced process considering its specifications.

Energy efficient

Fine bubble diffusers have long been introduced opposite the coarse diffusers. One of the feature of our product is its energy saving mechanism.

That is, it needs lesser energy for it to work. In effect, you will benefit from energy conservation.

System versatility

We have fine bubble diffusers that suit to different water waste management systems. These diffusers are manufactured to ensure that it can adapt to different kinds of systems and basins that it yet to be made or are already existing.

Thus, if you are replacing or upgrading, you can be catered.

Material efficiency

Our diffusers are made from various material from ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber (EPDM rubber), which conventional material. We also have fEPDM that has high chemical resistance.

Some are also of polytetrafluoroethylene or (PTFE) to reduce fouling.

Fine bubble diffusers wastewater treatment is the most common application for fine bubble diffuser whether it be disc or tube. In water treatments, our diffusers are also flexible to various water waste systems. And coarse bubble diffuser is usded in equalization tank. It can be used for the first operation of your system or for retrofitting.

Fine bubble diffuser is used in aeration tank. It is used to transfer oxygen in large quantities. In contrast with the coarse bubble diffuser, this product allows more oxygen delivery in smaller bubbles than the larger ones.

Further, the diffusers allow you to monitor and maintain the flow of air into the water. You are given with a product that is precisely manufactured thereby giving a balanced airflow. Thus, you won’t have difficulty in making your calculations.

One problem of fine bubble diffuser is the susceptibility to fouling. With our diffusers, the surfaces of the material are coated with PTFE, fEPDM™ and EPDM. These elements help in minimizing the fouling problem.