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What Should I do if There are Gaps When Installing Cooling Tower Fill?

Feb. 08, 2020

When you install the Cooling Tower Fill, you must paste the small pieces of filling material. After you paste them into the filling material block, you must put it in the cooling tower. You can only use it when you place the filling material block. Try not to leave a gap in the middle. Let's follow Cooling Tower Fill Exporter to see what needs to be paid attention to when installing the filler.

Cooling Tower Fill

Cooling Tower Fill

1. When using the filling material, be sure to cut the small piece of filling material into a suitable model. Because the filling materials are relatively large in size at the time of production and processing, everyone must cut them into specifications with proper specifications when working, so it can be convenient and quick to paste and use vicious events.

2. The small filling material must be pasted with the universal glue special for the filling material. For small pieces of filling material, be sure to use the universal glue special for filling material when working. At the time of filling the filler, it is necessary to ensure that the universal adhesive for the filler is evenly painted, so that each piece of the filler can be thoroughly pasted in the middle.

3. As stipulated in the work, everyone must put filler blocks of different sizes into the cooling tower to work. At work, everyone must put the filled filling blocks neatly into the cooling tower. Only at the time of placement, you must ensure that a gap in the middle cannot be too large, so that the water can flow out at that time. It can be evenly dispersed, and it can also ensure a uniform heat pipe radiator.

Another thing that must be paid attention to is that when you install the filler, you must ensure that the filling material block is pasted with high quality, and when placing the filling material block, make sure that there is no gap in the middle.

In fact, the calculation method of the cooling tower packing is simple. You have to know the volume of your cooling tower. The next step is to understand whether your cooling tower packing is regular or irregular. Of course, a good method is to let the manufacturer measure and Calculate, but the time is limited, it is still faster to calculate it by yourself. Secondly, you must first figure out your secondary and impurities and the content and solution amount, and then calculate the number of practical plates after the process simulation of PROII. Choose the packing and plate tower according to your material properties, and then use the hydraulic software to calculate the diameter of the cooling tower, which needs to include the hydraulic calculation method and the remaining requirements, so that you can get the calculation method of the cooling tower packing.

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