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Do you Learn the Developing Trend of Cooling Tower Fill Material?

Mar. 05, 2020

Do you Learn the Developing Trend of Cooling Tower Fill Material?


There are many different forms of Cooling Tower Fills, each type has its own characteristics to fit various applications. No doubt that among all of the cooling tower spare parts, cooling tower fill is mainly component for the cooling tower.

Cooling Tower Fills1

Cooling Tower Fills

In wet cooling towers or hybrid towers, it is the medium over which the hot water is distributed as it is being cooled. Its primary function is to provide an environment for efficient heat transfer.

No matter what the color of the cooling tower fill is blue, black, green,etc., almost 80% of the fill we manufactured is rigid PVC material, namely polyvinyl chloride. PVC material fill is the more popular than any other materials, such as PP, stainless steel, etc.

The PVC material cooling tower fill require repair or replacement over the course of its use when it’s fallen or damaged, frequency of replacement as about 5 years normally.

Will the PVC fill be eliminated in the future?

Limited Operating temperature for PVC fill is 55℃ Max, for higher temperature such as 60 degrees, it requires high temperature resistant PP material or stainless steel material, etc.

Considering the stainless material needs higher budget and work, while PP material is only a little expensive, will PP material replace the PVC material in near future? The trends seems so, and we are trying to manufacture the cooling tower fills in PP material, and recommend this fill to clients.

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