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Bio Ball

Aug. 05, 2020

Brief Description:

The Bio Ball provide bulk surface area for growth of beneficial Bio-Spira bacteria&Oxygen convection exchange in oxidation .Bio ball (with cotton): Φ16/26/36/56/76mm.Bio ball (without cotton):Φ32/42/48mm.

1. What are bio balls ?

Material:non-toxic PP plastic

Structure:nets pore&Internal porous

Application:seawater and freshwater, fish farms

Purpose:adsorption of nitrifying bacteria,Oxygen convection exchange in oxidation,and provide large bio surface area for the reproductive growth of nitrifying bacteria.Inside with filter cotton,which can live more nitrifying bacteria,further improve the bio capacity of bio ball.Bio Ball have different sizes,bio balls are with large and balanced biological filtration system.

Types:With cotton or without cotton.


Bio Ball