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Aeration membrane bubble tube diffuser

May. 19, 2020

Tube diffuser design and installation

Aeration membrane bubble tube diffuser

1.When the tube micro-porous aerator in application, in the bottom of the aeration tank, the tube diffusers on the intake manifold generally spaced 500-2000mm. Aerator and aerator about the general spacing of 500-1500mm; depending on the water concentration, gas supply and other process conditions.

2. The arrangement of tube diffusers is based on the airflow rate which can be calculated according to the length of the aeration tank and the size of the bottom intake manifold.

3.The bottom of the intake manifold to be apart from the tank shore main pipe, and install a valve. welding a flange bending by the pool wall 500-600mm from the bottom of the aeration tank, and coupled with rubber gaskets and screws.

4. Tube diffusers to install 150-250mm from the bottom.

5. Each intake pipe from the pool wall down connected to the bottom of the intake manifold, connect one or more.