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What can effect tube settler price

Sep. 21, 2018

Lamella tube settler produced by our company uses PP, PVC or FRP as its raw material. It was hot-drawn into a hexagonal tube shape by infared thermal machine and then welded into the using shape with patented technology and high frequency. This kind of tube settler can be applied into many kinds of water and waste water treatment pond like precipitation pond, sedimentation tank and sand removing pond...etc. In recent years it has developed into the most mature water treatment device that widely applied in various kinds of projects.


Many customers would ask what can effect tube settler price?

Following are answers:

1. Material: PVC or PP,

   PVC material is more expensive than PP material.

2. Bore size: 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 80mm

   Tube settler bore size can decide how many pieces to form one square meter, that’s the ordering quantity, so different bore size tube settler has different prices.

3. Sheet size: 1*1m; 1*1.2m..etc

   Sheet thickness: 0.45mm to 1mm

4. Your tank/pond size, which decide how many pieces of tube settler you should order.


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