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Tube settler sheet VS tube settler modules

Sep. 21, 2018

Tube settler sheet VS tube settler modules 

Tube settler also named as lamella tube or lamella calrifier, it is widely applied in water purification or sedimentation tanks.

Usually tube settler sheets need to be assembled into modules when applied in the sedimentation tank or clarifier tanks, while in order to make it more efficient in the process of tiny floc particles settling down on the wall side of tube settler channels, certain slope is needed, commonly the slope is 60 degree.

What is tube settler sheet sizes?

Tube settler sheet size: 1m*1m; 1m*1.2m

Tube settler bore size: 35mm 50mm 80mm

Tube settler sheet thickness: 0.45mm to 1mm 

What is tube settler module size?

Tube settler module vertical height: 866mm(1m*1m sheet); 1000mm(1*1.2m sheet)

Tube settler module slope angle: 60degree

How to make a 60 degree slope?

1. Producing the tube settler sheet

2. Tube settler was cut into needed size

3/4Tube settler edges was cut into 60°angle

Then you just need to assemble the sheets.

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