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Inclined Lamella Tube Settler Module Installation Is Not Difficult.

Apr. 13, 2018

Inclined Lamella Tube Settler Module Installation Project

Many people around the world don’t know how to install the tube settler, here let me tell you.

1. Firstly, install sludge pipe in the bottom of the tank according to technical drawings. As we all know that sedimentation waste water treatment project starts with the tank bottom instruction, which is mud pipeline system, so you should make sure the pipeline arrangement meet the design requirements: mud pipe openings, stable fixation, check and correct to allow into the next step of installation.

2. Secondly, construct supporting plate for tube settler modules/packs

 According to professional drawing of installation, supporting plate should be made strong enough to withstand the weight of the filler.

3. Thirdly, assemble tube settler sheets into 1 m2 tube settler modules/packs.

 As pp tube settler sheets was made into 60 degree edge, then after welding together into modules, the module will present into a 60 degree slope, assemble each sheets into 1m2 modules.

4. Fourthly, put those modules into sedimentation tank.

  Put those modules into sedimentation tank one after another, make sure all tank is filled with tube settler modules, if not, cut some spare modules into triangle and fill the empty space that a square module can’t reach.

5. Fifthly, fix tube settler modules.

Since the tube settler density is 16~50kgs/m3,much smaller than the water, so extra force is need to avoid tube modules from floating, usually with rope or bars on the top of tube settler modules after they are assembled in the sediment tank, Both ends of the round bar are fixed on the sediment tank wall.

6. Sixth, test and adjust.

When put the project into use, check if there is any problems on the sedimentation process, adjust the water level to keep the water flow evenly. Pay attention to sludge sedimentation, ensure the sedimentation tank always maintain good operation and function well.

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