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PP (Polypropylene) V.S. PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

Mar. 10, 2018

What’s the difference between pp material and pvc material? 

 1.PP is short for polypropylene, pvc is short for polyvinyl chloride. 

 2.Polypropylene is one of the most neutral plastics, containing only two elements:  carbon (C) and hydrogen (H). PVC by comparison contains about 30% by weight, of the element Chlorine (Cl) in its basic structure. It is well documented that chlorine, like all halogens, is a dangerous substance in the environment. 

3.When PVC is incinerated or present in accidental fires it produces toxic byproducts such as dioxins, chlorocarbons and hydrochloric acid. Complete combustion of PP, on the other hand, will generate only carbon dioxide and water.

 4.PVC is intrinsically heat unstable and can even decompose during processing. PP is much more tolerant to heat; even under extreme conditions it will only decompose to lower molecular weight paraffins, which are elementally compatible with the base material. 

 In our product catalogue, we have both pp material products and pvc material products. In general, their difference can be listed as below:

 1.PVC cooling tower fills/ tube settlers working temperature is from 35°to 65° 

2.PP cooling tower fills/ tube settlers working temperature is up to 80° 

3.PP material is more environment protective.

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