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When to Replace Cooling Tower Fill Media?

Jul. 14, 2017

Cooling towers serve the vital role of cooling water for power plant heat exchange equipment. Sustaining excellent system performance is important because a one-degree increase in water temperature can cause a 2% increase in energy usage. Proper maintenance and a few upgrades could improve a cooling tower’s efficiency, while also saving water in the process.

Cooling Tower Fill

Here I will tell you when to replace Cooling Tower Fill Media.

1. Your Fill Has Fallen. This is a pretty obvious sign that your fill needs replacement. However in the following slides we will review important signs and stages leading up to this worst case scenario to prevent this from happening to your tower!

2. Calcium build up from water concentrates.

3. Uneven water distribution decreases performance.

4. Sagging and warping of fill packs.

5. Broken or damaged support grids. (splash fill only)

9. Fill Packs are still structurally supportive, however the light and dark streaks in the fill is the calcium build up occurring.

10. This grid splash fill is beginning to buckle. Splash fill is designed to optimize performance at a certain distance from the next grid. Buckling affects cooling performance and is just one close step away from falling and hindering performance further.

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