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Advantages of Tube Settlers

Jul. 10, 2017

Tube settlers are also named lamella plate. Here I will tell you some about them.

tube settler

The advantages of tube settlers can be applied to new or existing clarifiers/basins of any size:

· Clarifiers/basins equipped with tube settlers can operate at 2 to 4 times the normal rate of clarifiers/basins without tube settlers.

· It is possible to cut coagulant dosage by up to half while maintaining a lower influent turbidity to the treatment plant filters.

· Less filter backwashing equates to significant operating cost savings for both water and electricity.

· New installations using tube settlers can be designed smaller because of increased flow capability.

· Flow of existing water treatment plants can be increased through the addition of tube settlers.

· Tube settlers increase allowable flow capacity by expanding settling capacity and increasing the solids removal rate in settling tanks.