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Why do we choose GRP water tank?

Jul. 04, 2017

We supply a huge range of GRP water tanks and they appear to be a cut above the typical industrial water storage tanks for certain applications.

GRP Water Tanks

GRP stands for glass-reinforced plastic. This material is created by reinforcing the three-dimensionally meshed duroplastic with glass fibres. GRP combines the positive properties from steel and plastic. This manufacturing method has been used for decades to make high-performance products that are expected to have a long service life in tough environments and ensure high levels of safety at the same time. Unlike many other tanks, these tanks are a square/rectangle shape and are resistant from corrosion, proving their frame is strong and durable. GRP tanks can also be placed indoors or outdoors as they are UV protected.

After knowing the benefits of GRP, you must know why we choose GRP water tank.