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Welding method of Lamella Plate Clarifier

Jul. 04, 2017

 tube settler

1. You open the packaging of lamella plate clarier, and put a lamella inclined plate settler on the floor. Then you take the second piece on the first one, with 60°angle. Check and correct contact adhesive hot start point in hexagonal honeycomb;

2. Hexagonal honeycomb flat end of all contact are sober, both sides require hot plane on both sides of the above four points, both sides in the plane inclined pipe packing needs more than four points to ensure that the welding firm;

3. Pay attention to the hotkey operation when the rhythm, control the temperature, hot contacts to be omitted;

4. Each inclined tube packing is packed into two separate contact devices, heat, heat and then complete neatly stacked on the ground;

5. Be sure to cut off the middle of the iron power supply, and safe place.