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4 replacement feature of cooling tower fill

Jul. 06, 2017

The cooling tower fillreplacement feature as fllowing:

1. Heat exchange performance, and high cooling efficiency

Filler for the thin film type, the protrusions of the small corrugated water contact surface greater

2. Good hydrophilicity, small ventilation resistance

Surface roughness, smooth surface of the filler hydrophilic, water absorption is less than 0.015%, so that more water flow into the film, without splashing, the water and air more fully contact with water and air in the flow surface disturbance Big. After the packing is assembled into the honeycomb-shaped inlet is a deflector, a good uniform air effect, improve and stabilize the water vapor heat exchange strength

3. Easy to install, easy to clean, easy to transport

The heat-dissipating cooling tower fill adopts the non-adhesive hanging type, which is easy to install and easy to clean, and successfully solves the problem that the adhesive filler is deformed due to vacuuming and self-weight, and the fouling after deformation is more serious and difficult to clean. Filler flame retardant performance, the detection: flame retardant oxygen index is greater than 28

4. Large honeycomb structure design

Large “honeycomb” structure design has a diversion effect, has a good uniform air distribution effect, improve and stabilize the heat exchange strength of water and gas, into the wind side tilt angle of 30 degrees, effectively reducing the bleaching loss. Precise positioning of equal spacing, easy to form a large area with the flow of water perpendicular to the surface of the flow of water film, to promote the contact surface of large airflow, comes with louvers into the wind forming on the filler, the filler gas-water ratio evenly , A unique and efficient addition to the filler and filler molding one, the effective removal of hot and humid air in the water droplets back to the tower, greatly reducing the bleaching loss. Drift loss rate of less than 0.001%cooling tower fill