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Do you know drift eliminator?

Apr. 22, 2017

This drift eliminator panel is made of solvent-bonded sheets of self-extinguishing, thermoformed PVC.

The drift eliminator's unique cellular design features overlapping PVC sheets. The result is a curved shape with three impact zones that capture the water droplets in the air stream, thereby reducing drift loss to less than 0.001% of circulating water flow. Furthermore, the properties of the material used, together with the drift eliminator's high mechanical strength, offer the highest level of protection against chemical degradation and weather exposure.

drift eliminator

Main feature:

Highly efficient drift removal

Low drift loss


Lightweight and easy to move

High mechanical strength

Resistant to chemical degradation and biological attack

Self-supporting structure

Interlocking panels designed to eliminate gaps between packs and avoid leaks


Induced draft / crossflow cooling towers

Chemical scrubbers

Paint booths

Air inlets of gas turbines

drift eliminator