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How to deal with waster water?

Feb. 08, 2017

Clarification/Sedimentation is the most important stage in the field of waster water treatment. The most efficient sedimentation systems have high settling surface area whilst maintaining a small structure. Lamella plate for clarifier provides a large settling surface area within the specified volume thus giving high flow rates. They have a chevron shaped self-supporting structure in a tubular form with six sides. They are primarily used in applications like water treatment, primary & secondary clarifiers in wastewater treatment.

Lamella Plate for Clarifier

Tube settlers have no moving parts as a result of which there is no energy loss. The distribution and entry velocity are minimum resulting in maximum efficiency and better effluent quality. The efficient design minimizes space requirements and is sturdy and easy to transport and install. Clarifier Media increase the capacity of clarifier due to increase in area.