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Cooling Tower Air Inlet Louver

Dec. 25, 2018

Air Inlet Louvers prohibits the light of the sun from entering the cooling tower basin. Installing air inlet louvers helps control the growth of algae. Controlling the light and limiting algae growth means lowering chemical costs.

Air Inlet Louvers also help lower the amount of splash-out from the cooling tower. This reduces the amount of water and chemical needed to run the cooling tower efficiently. Also, you will experience easier basin access and removal。

• Constructed entirely of CTI Standard 136 PVC, for its durability, weather-resistance, and self-extinguishing fire characteristics 

• Because of their cellular "baffle" design and black color, modules significantly block sunlight (70:1 light reduction) that promotes algae growth on the interior surfaces of the cooling tower system. This reduces the cost of algae-removal chemicals and labor and allows the tower to operate more efficiently.
• The baffle design also reduces noise leaving the tower through the louver modules by ≈3 decibels.
• Proprietary, engineered cellular baffling restricts splash-out, light, weather, and noise but still achieves very low pressure drop results.
• Convenient, pre-assembled modules are 1 ft (305 mm) wide, 2.5 inches (63.5 mm) deep, and available in lengths from 1 ft (305 mm) to 10 ft (3050 mm).

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