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GRP/SMC water tank setup

Jul. 16, 2018

GRP/ SMC water tank setup

All panels can be lifted by hand, with no special equipment required even where access is difficult, and installation can progress quickly and efficiently. 

Step 1. Install steel footings on leveled concrete foundations.

Step 2. Align galvanized steel panels to be pre-assembled.

Step 3. Place rubber sealant from ready-to-use roll between panels.

Step 4. Connect panels with bolts and nuts.

Step 5. Position bottom panel sections, and finish up base of tank.

Step 6. Position three sides of the tank.

Step 7. Position and fix roof panels and if required, roof support pipes and plates.

Step 8. Install reinforcement if required.

Step 9. Close up the tank with the fourth side.

Step 10. Finish the internal or external reinforcement. 

Step 11. Fill and test.