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  • Cooling Tower Spray Nozzle-XPH Spray Nozzle

Cooling Tower Spray Nozzle-XPH Spray Nozzle

product description


1.Maximum operating temperature from 120°C to 300 °C ;

2.Provides homogeneous fluid mix without the use of air agitation precluding oxidative decomposition of air agitation of the solutions ;

3.Improves circulation of the turbulent flow and optimizes mixture of the solutions ;

4. Assures uniform mixture of solutions and improve product quality ;

5. Easy to install, stable and durable.

Working principle:

The pressure water enters the volute nozzle horizontally along the tangential direction, rotates in the chamber and moves downward in a roundabout motion, and is ejected from the lower nozzle. After the water spurts out, an umbrella-like rotating water body is formed, which impacts the splashers, and splashes into small droplets of uniform distribution, which fall to the top of the packing.


External diameter:72mm

Internal diameter:62mm

Parts:2 XPH nozzles,2 straight pipes,4 hoops,1 tee.

Cooling Tower Spray Nozzle-XPH Spray Nozzle