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PVC Sheet Piles Retaining Wall: W type

product description

Seawalls/Bulkheads/Retaining Walls/Vinyl PVC Sheet Piles

Vinyl sheet piles as a material and a construction product have been known for almost 40 years. Due to their certain properties and indisputable advantages, they fit into a nice on the market of construction products, perfectly filling the gap between materials such as steel, concrete and wood. All thanks to the fact that they are distinguished by the appropriate strength for their applications, aesthetic appearance, incomparable durability (especially in the marine environment), low weight and above all their attractive price! Not to mention the lack of maintenance work required unlike other products such as painting with special coatings, etc

Vinyl PVC Sheet Piles Retaining Wall: W type

Section Width718 mm
Section depth180 mm
Thickness8/9/10 mm
Weight17.5±1 kg/m
Tensile Strength45.52 Mpa
Flexural Strength68.87Mpa
Modulus of Elasticity2980 Mpa
Notched Izod impact8.08 KJ/㎡
Heat Deflection Temperature81.1℃

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