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SMC/GRP/FRP water tank

Sep. 21, 2018

SMC/GRP/FRP water tank 

SMC Water Tank Description:
Combined water tank is a new type water tank that widely used in the world.  It is assembled by the high-quality SMC water tank plate. It adopts to the food-grade resin, so it can 
guarantee the water quality and prevent the pollution.It has the high strength, light weight, corrosion resistant, beautiful appearance, long service life, convenient to maintain and 
other features.
SMC combined water tank is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, enterprises and institutions, residence, hotel and other buildings. It can used as water storage facilities in drinking water, fire water and so on.

Water Tank Accessories:
1. Support for Panels
2. Sealing Materials--Non Toxic Rubber 
3. Bolts, nuts and washers for the assembly of panels
4. Flanges
5. Ladders
6. Drainage
7. Overflow Screens
8. Man-hole opening & Inspection Hatches
9. ABS roof vent with PE insect screen.
10. Float level indicator

SMC water tank features:
1) Light weight, high strength.
2) Leak-proof/Water Tightness: 
Due to the material is fiberglass reinforce plastic with  high density, and the sealing tape is high performance with non toxic, so it's leak-proof tank.
3) Long lifetime, long durable time
4) Corrosion resisting; anti-rusted.
5) Easy to clean and maintenance management convenient
6) Non-toxic, it is made from food grade resin, clean and no pollution. 
7)Convenient Installation

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