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Galvanized steel water tank

Sep. 21, 2018

Galvanized steel water tank description:

Galvanized steel water tank is kind of bolted water tank, which is composed of galvanized steel water tank panels and galvanized accessoreis. 

Installation features:

1. Have no requirement on the situating area.

2. It is bolted water tank, no welding tools.



This product is suitable for the construction water storing, the regulating tank, heating system's inflation water tank, the condensate tank as well as the building construction, the geological prospecting, the industry, the defense project and so on temporarily store water tank.


This water tank volume has 24 kinds specifications, select for the design. The engineer also can design according to the water tank's length, width, high then factory assembles.
The inlet pipe, the outlet pipe, the overflow caliber and the position of water tank is depends on the designing. All around the water tank should have no less than 700mm channels, the bottom and the cover should no less than 600mm. When it installed, the bottom and all around between the bottom standard plate's joins must be located on the support.

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