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Mbbr Media Features

Apr. 03, 2018

Mbbr Media Features


Do you know why choose Mbbr media for waste water treatment project?

1. Robust – It is stable under load variations, insensitive to temporary limitation and provides consistent treatment results
2.  Efficient – It generates low solids and requires no or minimum polymer for solid/liquid separation
3. Compact – It requires a small footprint. Typically it requires 1/3rd the space required for Activated Sludge Process.
4.  Cost – It requires a low capital cost and is comparable to cost of Activated Sludge Process. It is cheaper than the MBR process.
5.  Flexible – Existing plants can be upgraded easily with MBBR. New MBBR plants can be upgraded to handle higher loads with no or minimum cost and construction.
6.  Trouble Free – It is easy to operate, has automatic sludge wasting, has no sludge Return and no MLSS, and there no issue of media clogging.
7.  Expandable – Capacity can be easily upgraded by simply increasing the fill fraction of biofilm carriers


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