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product description

Drift Eliminator Introduction

Drift Eliminator Modules use a tightly-spaced series of sinusoidal-shaped, PVC (or HPVC) blades that force the leaving air to make 3 distinct changes of direction, resulting in maximum drift droplet removal. But this performance does not come at the expense of fan energy, as the engineered flow through the Drift Eliminator achieves very low pressure drop.


Lengthas your request
Thicknessfrom 0.28mm to 0.45mm
profile height30mm

Drift eliminator advantages:

1. Maximum drift capture through efficient design

2. Light weight

3. Easy to handle, lift and remove for inspection and service of water distribution system and heat transfer surface (fill and coil)

4. Nested modules to guarantee watertight seam

5. Corrosion free

6. Perfect fit: model specific size kits

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